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  1. Summer's almost here (Winter's almost over!)

    Summer's almost here (Winter's almost over!)
    Winter's almost over! Winter's cold nights and short days are shortly coming to an end. If you've been like many of us, you've no doubt indulged in some foods that are great for Winter and keeping you warm however won't make you right for Summer and the beach! With that in mind, here are a few things you can do...
  2. How to Style Your Hair for Your Summer Holidays

    How to Style Your Hair for Your Summer Holidays
    When planning for Summer holidays, it is always advisable to start early so that you have everything in place in good time. As the days approach you are likely to have all the packing done and travel documents in place but have you thought about your holiday hairstyle? No matter your holiday plans, it is likely that you will interact...
  3. What's your swimwear style?

    What's your swimwear style?
    Board Shorts or show it all Briefs!   Wow, what seemed like a long, cold winter, has finally come to an end on the east coast of Australia. Spring is here, with recent temperatures rising above 25 degrees. That means, it's time to open the closet and dig out your summer gear. Beach towels, goggles (now where did i put...
  4. Burning Man 2015 - Carnival of Mirrors /VIDEO/

    Burning Man 2015 - Carnival of Mirrors /VIDEO/
    Burning Man In Full Colour The guys at AWOL have produced the perfect wrap-up video after 7 days of dust and dreams in the desert at Burning Man 2015.  The theme this year was 'Carnival of Mirrors' and this video by Vincent Rommelaere does not disappoint for those wanting to relive the event or those wanting a peek inside the...
  5. Pets Sneezing Means Uncontrollable Laughing /VIDEO/

    Pets Sneezing Means Uncontrollable Laughing /VIDEO/
    Having a bad day?  Hard to keep the motivation up?  Take a break for a moment and checkout this adorable video of 15 pets sneezing.  No matter if you're a dog person or a cat person, there's something here to tickle your laugh spot watching our hairy, furry and fuzzy friends having some pretty funny sneezing episodes! The first one...
  6. Workout Clothes For Men That Stand Out

    Workout Clothes For Men That Stand Out
    Do you ever feel like your gym clothes have become monotonous? Sometimes I find myself in a workout clothes rut! I end up getting the same style of shorts & tees for the gym, but in different colours. Just how they say that you need to switch up your workout routine every so often, I believe you need to change up...
  7. Be Distracted By Silence

    Be Distracted By Silence
    Most westerners in this twenty first century, live their lives surrounded by the hustle and bustle of a major city or town and are immersed in mountains of technological distractions. Living in these environments, all five of our senses are hammered relentlessly on a daily basis. Human bodies are immersed in an array of microwaves and electromagnetic fields. The five...
  8. What keeps you motivated at the gym?

    What keeps you motivated at the gym?
    Motivation is a funny thing. It’s that little voice in your head that forces you to get out of bed on a freezing morning, squeeze out a couple of extra reps at the gym, or to lift heavier than you’ve ever tried. For some reason, the voice in my head sometimes accuses me of being a ‘pussy’ and sounds a...
  9. Help me! I'm a mens size 28!

    Help me! I'm a mens size 28!
    Wow! Here’s my first blog for WearItOut’s /Live Bold/. Let me briefly introduce myself. East Gippsland is my home, on the magnificent Gippsland Lakes, Eastern Victoria. 400 sq km of pristine lakes and waterways. I’m primarily a lover of the beach and the bush. I live with the bush on one side and the beach on the other. The best...
  10. Get paid to write for us!

    Get paid to write for us!
    Love writing about sports, gym, healthy living, active living, living bold, fashion and more?  How about reviews on men's fashion and lifestyle products?  We want you!  We're looking for a bunch of creative and passionate writers who want to write for our Live Bold blog.  We'll even pay you $20 per article we publish!  We'll give you full authorship credit...

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