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  • Summer's almost here (Winter's almost over!)

    Winter's almost over!

    Winter's cold nights and short days are shortly coming to an end. If you've been like many of us, you've no doubt indulged in some foods that are great for Winter and keeping you warm however won't make you right for Summer and the beach! With that in mind, here are a few things you can do to make you feel and look better! Include this in your pre Summer prep and you will soon be out in the sun and looking better! In this issue, here are a few quick things you can do to help yourself be ready for Summer:


    Ugh! Yeah, we all know that this, like any relationship requires commitment before you see results! However this doesn't mean spending hours at a gym. Even the most basic of exercise, such as walking has health benefits. Especially for those who are desk jockeys. Here are some quick tips for you to try:

    Are you a deskjockey? Get up!

    If you're at your desk all day long, set your smartphone to ring every hour. When the smart phone rings, stand up and stretch for 30 seconds (lunges are a great exercise). Remain standing. Give your eyes a rest and look towards the distance and then look back at your computer. Alternate for 15 seconds long distance, 15 seconds short distance. Do this a few times. If you're on the phone, stand whilst answering the phone! image 1 Take a walk to the office kitchen and take some coconut water or water that you've placed in a jug in the fridge. Office environments are generally dry and it's easy to dehydrate without knowing it! Coconut water is great for re-hydration. If you've opted for plain water, grab a lemon or lime and place some slices in the water to provide some flavor and make it more palatable! Often by the time you've had a glass of water you won't feel so hungry.

    Walk off your lunch!

    At lunchtime, instead of racing to the nearest take away - yeah, the local Chinese Take away is a tasty option! Bring some sandwiches (ensuring fillings don't have lots of saturated fats like salami) or other food from home (last night's pasta). A great trick with sandwiches, put them in a jaffle maker. Toasted sangers taste better than cold ones! Eat just before your lunch break. Use your lunch break to take a brisk (a reasonably fast pace) walk.

    Look for places of interest near your office. Set your sights on a different place each day that you can reach in around 25-30 minutes. Use googlemaps to search for points of interest and work out the time from your office to the place. The other 30 minutes is for the return leg of the walk - we wouldn't want you to go somewhere and not return back to work!Not only will bringing your lunch save a few dollars, you'll also get some fresh air into your lungs ready to take on the afternoon!

    Of course, it is also a great excuse to get some new gear to exercise in and you can find a range of pants and tops here and here. If your shape is not yet like a model, at least you can have the clothes to look the part. Once you've gotten used to daily walks, for further progression you can always upgrade to short jogs or runs around your office area. If it's raining and a shopping mall is nearby, go there for a brisk walk so you're not returning to the office looking like you took a shower with your clothes on!

    Low impact with water!

    Are you more active and seeking a full body work out with low body impact? If you're starting out, head to your local pool for a 30 minute swim. Swimming has an amazing effect on building up internal strength. You're unlikely to damage your knees or other body parts as water creates buoyancy. (Part of your body weight is held by water). Water also creates as much resistance as you want. You can make your swim an easy, moderate or hard work out!

    There are lots of options with swimwear styles. If you are a bit self conscious, select something like a pair of swim short or jammers. Once you're used to swimming , look for a pair of swim trunks or briefs. They create less drag in the water so you swim faster, and you'll probably be a lot fitter by then! Many styles provide enhancements so you'll look good regardless of your body shape or size. Look here, for some options. You're bound to find something that suits you.

    Consistency is the key!

    The key with any activity is to ensure that it is consistent. Make your exercise routines fun, and you're more likely to keep doing it.  You may need to mix up your exercise routine with a range of different activities. Make it interesting and you will look forward to each day. Vary your options - take a walk one day, swim the next. Even some yoga in the office if there's an area that you can put a mat down. The above are just a few suggestions. If you there's something else you enjoy, add it to your routine.

    Think about this, you get up every day, you take the bus, you go to work. Part of your day should be devoted to looking after yourself too. You only have one body and you should look after it and it will look after you!

    Take care now and get ready to go out and enjoy Summer!

  • How to Style Your Hair for Your Summer Holidays

    When planning for Summer holidays, it is always advisable to start early so that you have everything in place in good time. As the days approach you are likely to have all the packing done and travel documents in place but have you thought about your holiday hairstyle? No matter your holiday plans, it is likely that you will interact with different people over that time period whether at parties or family gatherings, thus making it important that you r hair is well styled. Fortunately, there are many ways that you can style your hair so that your appearance remains appealing throughout the holiday season. Here are some holiday hairstyle suggestions that are worth trying out in this season. Mohawk Fade Hairstyle The mohawk fade is a hairstyle that will definitely make you stand out at holiday parties because of its current popularity among celebrities. This hairstyle can be done on both black and Caucasian hair with the result being one to envy. To get this look, the sides of your head from front to back are usually cut short with longer hair left in the middle of the head from front to back. You can choose to style the hair that has been left on the head to personalize the look. Mohawk Fade Hairstyle Slick back Hairstyle This holiday hairstyle is a favorite of many because it is ideal for occasions where you have to dress in official as well as casual wear. In most cases the sides of the head as well as the back are kept quite short with the remaining hair being combed back and best hair styling products used to give it a slick look. Maintaining the haircut is generally easy with options of styling the hair on top into spikes or even a bed head for a different look. Angular Fringe HairstyleAngular fringe Hairstyle If you are looking for a casual haircut for the holidays, then this hairstyle should be your choice as you prepare to visit your barber. Although it is ideal for men that have a round face, it can be styled to fit any face shape when done by a professional barber. The barber should make the sides are well tapered and the layer of hair on the top is cut in a certain angle so that it looks different from almost similar hairstyles. Pompadour Hairstyle Even though the pompadour hairstyle has been a popular trend for most of the year, it can still be your look for the holidays but with an added twist. If you had been sporting a regular fade so far, you can now introduce a side part or reduce the length of the top layer of hair to change the entire look. If well done, you can adopt the new version of the hairstyle into the New Year thus saving you time that would have been spent at the barber. All in all, the hairstyle that you decide to adopt for the holidays should be one that brings out your personal style and allows you to feel good over this joyous season.

  • What's your swimwear style?

    Board Shorts or show it all Briefs!

      Wow, what seemed like a long, cold winter, has finally come to an end on the east coast of Australia. Spring is here, with recent temperatures rising above 25 degrees. That means, it's time to open the closet and dig out your summer gear. Beach towels, goggles (now where did i put them), flippers and swimwear. Some of us, who grew up in the early 70s in Australia, remember clearly what summer meant to us. Gals strutting their stuff in the briefest of bikinis, which have only gotten briefer, and guys sporting their just as brief, bulging speedos. However, for guys, things changed over the next couple of decades. We seem to have become the victims of some "Victorian Age" fashion morality. Almost full swim suits covering our maleness as much as possible. The late 70s, early 80s, saw the rise in popularity of the Board Short. And short they were. Not as brief and revealing as a skimpy pair of speedos, but still, it was the beginning of worse to come. Over the next few decades, our board shorts became longer and longer, until now, they're a full baggy pant descending below the knees and hiding everything we males hold so dear. It's eye-candy no more for the guy who prides himself on showing his physique on the beach or poolside. Thankfully, it's still fashionably acceptable to have ones chest bare. How long that lasts, who knows. There is hope though. With the dawn of the 21st century, a decade in is seeing the rise in popularity of the speedo style brief again. Aussie brand Marcuse have an outrageously low cut pair of briefs, aptly named Arrest Me! Rufskin go one step further, introducing the string bikini into their mens' briefs range. Board shorts have also become shorter, bucking the trend of covering all. 2EROS, another Aussie brand, has attractive short shorts, in fabrics that do justice to the male torso, along with Barcelona based Addicted. So, this summer, what's your choice of swimwear?

  • Burning Man 2015 - Carnival of Mirrors /VIDEO/

    Burning Man In Full Colour

    The guys at AWOL have produced the perfect wrap-up video after 7 days of dust and dreams in the desert at Burning Man 2015.  The theme this year was 'Carnival of Mirrors' and this video by Vincent Rommelaere does not disappoint for those wanting to relive the event or those wanting a peek inside the world of Black Rock City and Burning Man.

    Have you been to Burning Man?  Share your memories in the comments.

  • Pets Sneezing Means Uncontrollable Laughing /VIDEO/

    Having a bad day?  Hard to keep the motivation up?  Take a break for a moment and checkout this adorable video of 15 pets sneezing.  No matter if you're a dog person or a cat person, there's something here to tickle your laugh spot watching our hairy, furry and fuzzy friends having some pretty funny sneezing episodes! The first one is hysterical!

    Bless you!

    Thanks to Buzzfeed.

  • Workout Clothes For Men That Stand Out

    Do you ever feel like your gym clothes have become monotonous? Sometimes I find myself in a workout clothes rut! I end up getting the same style of shorts & tees for the gym, but in different colours. Just how they say that you need to switch up your workout routine every so often, I believe you need to change up your gym style. I don't know why, but at least in my case it gives me extra motivation to hit the gym, who doesn't like showing off new gear? I like to stand out at the gym. I hate wearing dull colours like grey's & blacks because it just brings my mood down when you're supposed to be feeling pumped about improving your body. An easy way to stand out is to wear a bold colour. I personally like wearing a light blue, it is a happy colour & easy to colour coordinate with everything. If breaking out of your style isn't your thing, just dip your toes in the water & pick out a bold colour to integrate into your look, you won't regret it. It can be as simple as getting your sneakers in a new colour you've never worn before.  Workout clothes for men don't have to be boring and monotonous. Another interesting trend I've been seeing lately at the gym is the inclusion of patterns. I've seen everything from camo to geometric patterns on the gym floor. To rock this bold trend try to keep your patterned item as the only loud statement in your look, keep everything else simple & monotone. Don't look like a moving Picasso painting by mixing & matching! So tell me, what is your personal gym style? Leave me a comment below!

  • Be Distracted By Silence

    Most westerners in this twenty first century, live their lives surrounded by the hustle and bustle of a major city or town and are immersed in mountains of technological distractions. Living in these environments, all five of our senses are hammered relentlessly on a daily basis. Human bodies are immersed in an array of microwaves and electromagnetic fields. The five senses are assaulted 24/7 with sights, sounds, tastes, textures and smells. A potential sensory overload everyday. Many of us thrive in this type of environment. It is a lifestyle which encourages full escapism into unconscious distractions. Turn on the telly, jump on the net or start up the game console for a few levels of FarCry3. If we are living a life of distractions, what are we actually being distracted from? What exactly are we missing out on if we continue being distracted? A spiritual healer, may respond that you’re not facing yourself. You’re continually running away from how you really feel. Too scared to feel the fear. Too scared to accept the love. Too goddam busy to feel anything. Are you feeling depressed? Get on facebook. Are you feeling empty and pointless? Turn on the telly. The six oclock news is bound to cheer you up.yin-yang Eastern mysticism may say you’re running away from the nothingness that you are. Afraid of the emptiness. Afraid of discovering what exists when you are doing or being nothing. Using distractions to run away from the one who exists before a thought, and after a thought. A quantum neurologist may say you’re not allowing the alpha and beta waves in your brain to flow freely. The continuous technological distractions are usually left brain orientated. They’d probably suggest you practice more quietness, meditate, letting the right brain communicate with the left brain, increasing your alpha and beta waves. And lastly we could have the naturalist. The one who is anchored in the physical universe of suns, planets, animals, plants and minerals. They’d probably suggest you need to get distracted by your natural surroundings, instead of mind numbing technology. Go outside and sit under a tree, or climb up on top of a rock. Instead of thinking and thinking … just stop and feel. Use your 5 senses to reveal a hidden, sixth sense. Be quiet and hear the breeze speak to you, see the tree dance before your eyes, or absorb the immense knowledge of the rock that’s been sitting there observing life for the past 200,000 years. Me, I’m a lover of distraction. But I am aware of the chaotic and unfulfilled life that distractions tend to foster. I’d be wiser and more balanced if I took a snippet of advice from each of the above. Perhaps the next time we find ourselves logging into facebook, or mindlessly browsing youtube channels, we could instead go and sit alone, quietly. Let the unsettled settle. Allow space for those sub-conscious, nagging thoughts to arise in all their glory or horror, and be willing to experience them to their fullest. No matter the consequences. Let our alpha and beta waves flow freely throughout our brain, just by letting everything come and go with no need of distractions. When we’re having those days of feeling empty, and life is totally pointless, then we could be happy to sit with that. Be empty, be lonely, feel pointless. Why not? And all the while, we could do this sitting under a tree, barefooted, feet buried into the soil and bum firmly planted on a rock. Who knows, that silence and emptiness may contain more than all our distractions.

  • What keeps you motivated at the gym?

    Motivation is a funny thing. It’s that little voice in your head that forces you to get out of bed on a freezing morning, squeeze out a couple of extra reps at the gym, or to lift heavier than you’ve ever tried. For some reason, the voice in my head sometimes accuses me of being a ‘pussy’ and sounds a bit like Harvey Fierstein after gargling broken glass and razor blades. Everyone’s motivation goes through peaks and troughs at various times. And although a half-arsed training session is better than none at all, if you can walk through the gym door in the right mindset, you usually achieve a whole lot more in a shorter time. Here are our top five motivational tips to keep your gym game on point. 1. Results Success breeds success. As soon as you notice that your hard work is making even a little bit of difference, you want more. But this only works if you: (a) have set yourself a goal, and (b) are constantly tracking your progress. Lots of guys I know don’t have a specific, measurable training goal in mind, or a gym program that works towards achieving that goal. Even some personal trainers don’t take the time to figure out what their clients actually want to achieve, and don’t bother tracking progress. So set yourself a quantifiable goal relating to strength, weight or body composition, find a way to measure it, and reap the rewards. 2. Variety Mix it up! Some guys go years without changing their workout routine, performing the same chest/legs/back/arms split over and over again without variation. Or they make it up as they go. No wonder boredom sets in and motivation flags. Most trainers will tell you that if you’re no longer seeing results, something has to change - whether it’s exercises, number of sets/repetitions, or rest intervals. Keep a workout log on your phone and take it with you to the gym. That way, you’ll know what elements of your workout have outstayed their welcome. 3. Train with someone  There’s no doubt that having someone to push you makes a difference. Although it can sometimes be tricky to find a personal trainer that’s on the same page, and sessions aren’t cheap, it’s an investment definitely worth making if you can afford it. A good trainer will keep you accountable, help you with diet, measure your progress and provide encouragement. Even if you’re the type that likes to train alone, checking in with a trainer once a week – or even once a month – can keep you on the right track. Alternatively, a gym buddy can alleviate boredom and even fire up your competitive side. 4. Ego Most people might not like to admit it, but the desire to look good (or the fear of getting a dadbod) is a powerful motivator. And as far as reasons for exercising go, it’s probably one of the most superficial. But events like reunions, weddings, holidays, music festivals, or major birthdays at least give you a hard deadline to work to, and generally involve some level of public scrutiny: you know people will be looking at you. Even if you’re not interested in getting ‘shredded for stereo’, pick an upcoming milestone in your calendar, circle it, and start working. 5. Music Don’t rely on your gym’s music to keep you amped up during a workout: you’re likely to end up trying to deadlift to the dulcet tones of Sam Smith. Instead, load up your iDevice with tracks guaranteed to fire you up when you really need it. Biologic Labs in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley pumps out heavy metal during their training sessions, and though I wouldn’t normally choose to listen to it in my spare time, it works a treat. Or why not try a music streaming app, and use your workout time to discover your new favourite artist? What keeps you going? Let us know.  

  • Help me! I'm a mens size 28!

    Wow! Here’s my first blog for WearItOut’s /Live Bold/. Let me briefly introduce myself. East Gippsland is my home, on the magnificent Gippsland Lakes, Eastern Victoria. 400 sq km of pristine lakes and waterways. I’m primarily a lover of the beach and the bush. I live with the bush on one side and the beach on the other. The best of both worlds. My weekdays are a balancing act, in a constant state of flux. Home schooling our child, working my internet business, walking Huxley the hound and entertaining the odd visitor. I enjoy growing our own fruit and veges,  as we believe self sufficiency is a priority. I love walking out into the backyard, to be greeted by a couple of hens, or a flock of parrots. One of my favourite activities, happens to be shopping for clothes on the internet. The internet has been a lifeline to sanity for me, when it comes to buying clothes that fit my size. And size does matter. I’ve had to buy my own clothes, for the last 30 odd years. Let me tell you, it’s been a challenge. Perusing fashion catalogues and magazines was a painful exercise, knowing full well they wouldn’t have it in my size. Admiring the contours and curves of a pair of jeans. How good they looked on that model. Or those low cut, tummy showing, pair of briefs, on that rock hard male torso. For me, the results were different. Those snug fitting jeans, with the bubble butt, hung loose and baggy, drifting kneeward with each step taken. The low cut briefs almost covered my belly button. You see, I’m a size 28. Size 28’s don’t generally exist in Australia. I can hear all size 28’s reading this now, breathing a sigh of relief … “I’m not the only one.” In Australia, Size 30 is Small. It has been for as long as I remember. A pair of size 30 jeans on a size 28 waist, fall down to the knees, every time. Sagging behinds are guaranteed. However, the internet opened up Australia, and me, to the international size 28. The US of A produces size 28 mens. As does Europe, England and Asia. It’s brilliant. size_28_1Now, instead of shopping in the boys section, I can shop as a man. Those low cut briefs will look as they promised and the jeans will show the right curves and bulges. I may not look like those bold sexy fashion models showing off Rufskin, Andrew Christian and Doreanse gear, but at least the clothes actually fit me. Perfectly. They’re just my size. So I tip my hat to online stores such as WearItOut, for giving us rare Australians, size 28’s, access to such a wonderful, wide, expanding, exhilarating selection of fashion.

  • Get paid to write for us!

    Love writing about sports, gym, healthy living, active living, living bold, fashion and more?  How about reviews on men's fashion and lifestyle products?  We want you!  We're looking for a bunch of creative and passionate writers who want to write for our Live Bold blog.  We'll even pay you $20 per article we publish!  We'll give you full authorship credit and the exposure you're after as a writer for us.  Interested? Here are the main points you need to consider before getting in touch:

    • Articles and reviews need to be unique and original content written exclusively for use on the blog.
    • Content needs to be relevant to our audience.  The kinds of men's topics you can cover are sports, gym & training, clean eating, healthy lifestyle, fashion (sportswear, underwear, casual etc), men's lifestyle issues, travel, music, festivals, hairstyles, extreme sports, technology, bold living, inspiration etc.
    • Product reviews are acceptable providing they are relevant to our audience and are detailed.  Remember that we are an online store, so product reviews for fashion brands we do not sell are not acceptable.  Other sport, technology or lifestyle products are acceptable.
    • Articles and reviews should have a minimum of 400 words per submission and include at least one photograph.  References to photographs already on our website is acceptable as is links to the WearItOut website or products on there.
    • You will be attributed as the Author of the article and you will be given a bio page with photo.  You may use a nom de plume (pen name) if you wish.  We will also link your bio to your personal Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages if you wish.
    • We will set up a store account for you at WearItOut where we will pay you $20 per acceptable submission as a store credit which you may use towards the purchase of any products on our website.  Think of it as cash - like a gift certificate you can use at any time.  The balance will never expire and it's your money with real value.  There is no limit to the amount of articles you can submit or money you can earn.
    • We will not refuse articles unless they are irrelevant to our audience, contain defamatory or inappropriate content, are not original content, or are not structured in proper English.
    • To avoid an article being rejected, we recommend contacting our editor first with your article idea for prior approval if you are unsure about the content.
    • The Editor's say is final.  You can submit a revision if your article is rejected for review.
    • These terms are subject to change over time.  We will inform our writers at all times.

    Start now!  Just send us an email via the form on our contact page expressing your interest and we'll set you up straight away!  Click here.

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