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Sweaters, cardigans & jumpers are the perfect over-layer for guys who really know how to dress. You may not have gone to Eton or Harrow, but you can still look like an alumnus of one of England’s legendary boys’ boarding schools. Who knows what might be hiding beneath the conservative facade? We all know that public school boys enjoy a bit of sport. After all, boys who work hard deserve to play hard, too. Maybe you’re a hardworking schoolboy or maybe you’re the professor that everyone wants. Either way, a cardigan or jumper is what you’ll reach for when it’s time to cool down and relax. A cardigan or jumper looks great with jeans or chinos, but you can throw it on over your athletic gear for that prep school locker room look. Sometimes, less is more but other times, you’ll want to cover up and leave something to the imagination. All of our jumpers and cardigans are designed for the man who wants to show off his athletic build. They’re going to keep you looking your best, effortlessly. It’s a subtly flattering look, and it won’t seem like you’re trying too hard. Read a book, maybe smoke a cuban cigar and wait for friends to gather around. Wear It Out’s jumpers and cardigans bring you cosiness, tradition and a close, athletic fit. Why settle for baggy, boxy jumpers when you can look smoking hot while you stay warm?