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Picture the typical men’s wallet. It’s a tri-fold leather affair with lots of card slots and a long pocket for bills and receipts. Fully loaded, it’s probably more than a centimetre thick. What do we do with them? Do we put them in a bag like women do with their wallets? No, because we don’t want to stay focused on keeping our backpacks, messenger bags and gym bags secure. We’ve got better things to do. We put them in our back pockets. They’re uncomfortable to sit on, and they don’t look so good from behind, either. That’s not the only awkward thing, though. When we’re wearing pants that don’t have a back pocket, when we’re out running or at the gym, then there’s no obvious place to carry our wallets. At Wear It Out, we have been looking for solutions to this problem for years, and here are the products that we’ve discovered. These men’s wallets are neat and streamlined and some of them are designed to be carried without using a pocket. If you’re annoyed with ordinary wallets, then there’s a good chance you’ll find something that will work better for you here.