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You’re a man who works hard to stay in shape, and it shows. Our men’s pants, track pants and men’s lounge pants are specially selected to fit your athletic build. You’ll always look good in these styles, because there will be no gapping waists or saggy legs. Some are loose cut for comfort and ease and others are designed to fit like a glove. However, they will all look good and fit comfortably if you’re strong and lean. When you’re at the gym or on the beach, you’re going to be dressed for comfort and for action. You’ll be wearing clothes that are fully functional and that will let you move without impediment. You’re not ashamed of your body, and whatever works, works. When it’s time to cool down, you’ll want to add a layer or change into something that’s a little warmer and adds coverage, but you’ll still want to look your best. Throw on a pair of these sharp looking chinos or a comfy pair of lounge pants and go.