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Stewart Stand




Stewart/Stand is a Brooklyn-based product design company, distributor, and manufacturer dedicated to reinventing men’s gifts, furniture and other functional design objects. Since 2002, Stewart/Stand has been producing design solutions that are simple and innovative. With a retail outlet in Brooklyn (DUMBO), they are able to test product concepts and ideas and gather consumer feedback prior to introduction into the market.

Founded by brothers, Theo and Paul Stewart-Stand, in 2002, this design firm has gained a reputation for producing innovative men’s accessories. In addition to the men’s product lines, Stewart/Stand has also developed accessories for women, home and travel. A reoccurring ‘compact & sustainable’ theme makes Stewart/Stand a relevant choice for the modern eco-conscious retail customer.

The low-tech solutions to complex and every day concerns reflects one of Theo Stewart-Stand’s design theories: ‘Minimal Input, Maximum Output’, thus turning Identity Security into a choice of fabric. Seeking out materials that define a products function is key to the Stewart/Stand brand. To date, the Stainless Steel Wallet is Stewart/Stand’s most popular development.

The best place to buy Stewart Stand wallets and accessories online in Australia is Wear It Out .com.au.

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Stewart Stand Stainless Steel Wallets Block Unauthorised RFID Transmissions From Your Cards
Protect Your Identity

WHAT IS RFID? RFID stands for Radio-Frequency IDentification. The acronym is used in reference to small electronic devices composed of a small chip and antenna. This chip provides a unique identifier for that object and can be scanned to retrieve the identifying information.

WHY DOES IT MATTER TO YOU? It's a modern world and access to advances in technology that create conveniences are instantaneous. The RFID chip is one example. With a wave of your card, wallet or key-chain, RFID enables us to complete speedier purchases, bypassing lengthy ID procedures. Given the technology's speed and ease to communicate information, RFID devices are now incorporated into credit cards and passports, without the requisite consumer data protected. Information that can be obtained from these chips include: name, billing zip, cc number, exp date, csv/cvv, personal passport data. This information is not protected and can be accessed without the owner's knowledge or authorization.

OUR DESIGN SOLUTION: RFID Stewart/Stand Stainless Steel Wallets and Accessories create a barrier protecting the data from unauthorized access. We call this RFCID technology: Radio-Frequency Canceling IDentification.

The blocking technology of our wallets and accessories applies, without exception, to the Business & Travel Collection and the Womens Wallet & Handbag Collection. Additionally, we often conceal our most secure information in our carry bags... our eBooks, Tablets, iPads, iPhones & PDAs. Information from blue tooth enabled electronics or smart phones can not be accessed when placed inside our stainless steel design.

Your identity & your information is safe with Stewart/Stand.

CNN Reports on Identity Theft Threat

Take an insider's tour of what happens when your personal information is accessed. Dan Clementz of Card Cops works under cover to catch people who Buy & Sell personal identity information on the internet. Explore the virtual black market where information is bid on via underground chat rooms.

To catch a thief or a re-seller Clementz offers hi-tech equipment to trade. One perpetrator offered half the contents of a young women's bank account in exchange for assistance in withdrawing the funds and some spare machine parts. A "Gold Profile" is much more expensive. This kind of sale includes an Identity Theft Victim's eMail Address, eBay Account, PayPal Account, First Name, Last Name, Billing Address, Phone Number, Social Security Number, Mother's Maiden Name, Credit Card Numbers, Checking Account, et-cetera...

50 million+ RFID enabled credit & debit cards have been issued since 2007. Over 20 million Americans alone are affected by identity theft every year.


Here's a video that explains how


RFID in Plain English

If you are still not sure what an RFID enabled device is or if you think that you are not affected by RFID technology, The Team High Rollers Show presents a clear explanation of how our every day lives revolve around this modern technology. Super simple, this video tracks the use of RFID chips/tags from Manufacturer to Consumer, from Logistics to Checkout, from Kellogs to You.

How do retailers receive the products that we purchase? How do manufacturers and re-sellers track the size, price, shape, weight, quantity, product type in their shipments? RFID chips/tags lower the occurrence of errors and help control quality of the products that we receive when we shop in stores or online. How will RFID tags/chips modernize our shopping experiences in the future? Team High Roller believes that this technology will not only eliminate lines at the check-out counter, but eliminate the check-out all together.