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Denim was founded in early 2000 by Head Designer Hubert Pouches and Partner Douglas Coats.  In a time where the much-desired sexy, designer, low-waist jean was emerging, Rufskin established their brand as a line man could also adorn.  What sets Rufskin apart is their vision of style, fit details, and above all, comfort that is not only sexy but also masculine.  Almost serving as a second skin their fits are designed to enhance ones individual masculinity and physical form.  All designs are original and hand-made; paying close attention to detail.

Based on a solid foundation of design and fashion, the brand name Rufskin was chosen for jeans that you could feel comfortable in and not worry about how they are treated.  Denim that wears well makes you feel sexy and by all accounts attracts the attentions of women and men alike.

The philosophy of Rufskin is that their clothing is sexy, functional, comfortable and sporty. Many try to imitate, but few can duplicate the unique style and brand quality Rufskin provides.  Furthermore, Rufskin consistently seeks to incorporate new and original materials into their collection by utilizing innovative fabrics. Not only do they search for original materials, but also practice a design concept opposite of current trends. Their collection has a voice and an edge that routinely defies conventional expectation.

Rufskin proudly manufactures all their jeans in the United States; though Brazil still remains home where much of their designing and manufacturing process continues in exception of their denim line.  Rufskin’s headquarters are based in Southern California.

Rufskin continues to push the boundaries of male design by consistently creating fashions that allow men to define their personal style of sexy.  People have often stated, “I don’t have a butt to wear your jeans!” Rufskin jeans are designed and engineered to actually create a lift that accentuates your bum, one may have never thought existed.

Their sexy masculine styling has proven to be what the male market is evolving towards; a more self-confidant and masculine awareness of the male form.  Appealing to all types of men who want to look their sexy best, Rufskin has established themselves as another option.  Choosing Rufskin will always set the wearer apart by their unique fit of style and quality.


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